It’s 65º in Cincinnati and 80% humidity outside according to my sensor. Yet I have received more than a few calls today about humidifiers! Fair enough, they were calling from conversations last week about not having enough humidity when it was cold.

You see, the average home, in the cold of winter, is recycling air through the furnace and burning the humidity out of the air. Some homes indoor relative humidity drops to 10% or less (that’s dry, like the Sahara dessert dry!). Carrier says that’s the average humidity in an un-humidified home.

We installed a humidifier in our home for multiple reasons.

1. My daughter has allergies. Less humidity leads to dry nasal passages which makes you susceptible to airborne virus’.
2. We have wood floors and they need average humidity to keep them in good form and not shrink.
3. It makes the heat feel warmer. By a few degrees. So we save energy and feel more comfortable.
4. It cuts down or out electric shocks.
5. Keeps our skin from feeling dry.

Do you have a whole home humidifier? It’s time to check it out.