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It’s 65º in Cincinnati and 80% humidity outside according to my sensor. Yet I have received more than a few calls today about humidifiers! Fair enough, they were calling from conversations last week about not having enough humidity when it was cold.

You see, the average home, in the cold of winter, is recycling air through the furnace and burning the humidity out of the air. Some homes indoor relative humidity drops to 10% or less (that’s dry, like the Sahara dessert dry!). Carrier says that’s the average humidity in an un-humidified home.

We installed a humidifier in our home for multiple reasons. Continue reading

Flu Virus. Find safety in your home!

It seems all the talk is about the flu right now. I know a few people who are fighting the flu and a few more just getting over it. You are thinking of someone right now… “Did I wash my hands after seeing him?”

With this much spread, it’s bound to come into the home through a family member. We do as much as we can to clean surfaces and sanitize but what about the airborne germs?

A few years ago, Carrier introduced a revolutionary product that has changed the lives of my family and many of our customers. The Infinity Air Purifier. It pulls germs out of the air and electrocutes them! I am certain that it has cut down the amount of colds and allergy issues we have had in our family. I hear this feedback from our customers on a regular basis as well. Another plus is the amount of dust it removes. We have two Infinity Air Purifiers in our office at Hauser Air and throughout the summer of construction on 42 on one side of our building and the baseball fields on the other we have had minimal dust to show for it. Continue reading