I got an interesting email today

Dear Hauser Air, This email was sent automatically because your “Office Show Room” system settings have been updated.
…the email said.

Really? So whats that all about then?

We had a training meeting at the office today for our technicians.The trainer, a Carrier expert, had a look at our thermostat settings and showed some of our technicians some extra features.

This thermostat is actually offended if I call it “just a thermostat”. Because it so much more. It truly is a modern marvel of technology. The Infinity Control by Carrier is a learning, diagnosing, smart comfort command center (my words).

  • It controls humidity, summer and winter, not too much and not too little.
  • It controls temperature, with the Infinity furnace by 3.5 times more control than a standard programmable thermostat.
  • It keeps in mind utility costs to adapt and lean in order to be the most economical it can.
  • It diagnoses the system. The Infinity Control is alway sending and receiving information from the Furnace and Air Conditioner (or heat pump). so it can quickly report to you if there would be an issue that needs addressing.
  • It offers remote app and internet control. Control your thermostat from your iPad while relaxing in the bath. Or monitor the house temperature while you’re on vacation.

Impressive. After spending time with the Infinity Control it would make an old mercury thermostat feel like using an abacus instead of an iPad.

Find more information here and give us call if it’s time to update your abacus, I mean thermostat.