Why Change Your Furnace Filter?


by: Katey Gallagher

I will be the first to admit, that before I met my now husband (Chris Gallagher), I knew nothing about furnaces and air conditioners! I had my own home in Cincinnati and I couldn’t even tell you where my furnace was located! Now that I’ve been in the industry for years, I have a much better grasp of the ins-and-outs of heating and cooling a home. As service manager of our company, I work with our customers on a daily basis who have questions, similar to the ones I had before starting in this business. After hearing all these familiar questions, I felt like it would be helpful to share our knowledge with our customers. Hence why we started this video blog!

One of the comments I get a frequently is, “I didn’t realize I needed to change my filter that often”, and I believe it! I don’t think frequency of filter changing on your furnace or air handler is common knowledge. And I definitely don’t think people understand how much a dirty filter can negatively impact your heating AND cooling system’s operation all year around.

Why is it so important to clean my air filter on my furnace?

The obvious reason to change your furnace filter is because that filter is what is removing all the dust, dander and debris from your air in your home. Remember, there are TWO filters in your house – your furnace filter and your lungs! Let’s make sure the furnace filter is taking the brunt of the dust and allergens, not your body.

The less obvious reason to change your filter, is that dirty filter will negatively impact your furnace operation and in the long run, cause it to break, which may cost a lot of money in repairs.

What happens to your furnace or airhandler when you have a dirty filter?

Since your furnace is what moves the air during heating AND cooling season throughout your home, a dirty air filter can stop that air from moving. What happens is the fan inside your furnace/airhandler can’t pull air it needs from your duct work causing it has to work harder than it should. A good example of this is clothes dryer! If you don’t clean the filter on your dryer it can’t get enough air to dry your cloths and may break. Can you imagine not changing that filter? Well, your furnace filter is equally as important because a dirty furnace filter can cause:

  • It will cost you more money to operate your system because it has to work harder to satisfy your thermostat settings
  • Your home will become dirtier because the filter is full and can’t catch the dirt, so it sends it back into your home.

Costly repairs will occur, such as:

  • Blower motor repair of replacement
  • In cooling season: not getting enough air across your evaporator coil cancause it to ice up and your AC to stop working. The water from the ice may harm expensive electrical components inside your unit
  • In heating mode not getting enough air across your heat exchanger (the fire compartment inside your furnace) causes excess heat and may cause your heat exchanger to crack – releasing harmful carbon monoxide into the air!

With this information in hand, here is our recommendation on the frequency for changing your filter:

1″ Filters – Monthly
2″ Filters – Bimonthly
3″, 4″, and 5″ Filters – Every 4 to 6 months

When in doubt, swap it out!

How do you remember to change it?

You can get a thermostat that will remind you. I personally use my calendar in my phone to remind me. Just make sure you do it! It’s something so simple to maintain that, if neglected, can cause you thousands of dollars in the long run!

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Staying warm…

Just a note for this coming week of frigid temps, furnaces are designed to be efficient for the majority of the year. We size furnaces to heat your home to 72-75° on 0° day. That way it’s not oversized for majority of the winter.

So, when it’s -15°, your furnace or heat pump is gonna be RUNNING!

And may not keep up. It probably isn’t broken. But it should keep it pretty warm still.

You may not want to set it back between now and then. And if you have a closed wood fireplace stove, give your furnace some help.

You may also want to over heat the house before the drop.

Be warm, be safe.

Happy Boxing Day!

I’m married to a British woman so we “celebrate” Boxing Day. I’ve yet to google its origins but my friends and family in England usually sit around in their sweats and eat leftovers and play games. I figure this is a tradition worth keeping!

The term “Boxing Day”, for some reason, always reminded me of when my dad would bring home a furnace box or two and we’d make forts and castles out of them.

So it’s not quite the same but it brings to mind when my daughter was younger and got more fun out of the boxes than the gift within.

Ahh Christmas. Family, fun, food and warm wishes.

I say warm of course because we service and sell furnaces. Don’t pardon the pun.

Seriously Merry Christmas, happy Boxing Day and enjoy your warmth.

Tuesday tip!

Right before I go to the dentist is when my teeth are brushed and flossed like in a pro!

Yes before. I feel like I have some sort of accountability to my dental hygienist and I’ll let him down if I show up with an average clean mouth.


We get that too on Heating tuneup and cleanings. People wait till the day before we arrive to change the air filter. It’s kind of funny because we pull the filter and it’s brilliant clean. And as we pass the garbage can the old filthy filter is poking its nasty head up saying “I’m still heeeere”.

Tip: most phones have the ability to put your filter reminder on your calendar.

Go ahead, consider this a reminder to change your filter.

Tuesday tips!

I had a brilliant idea to remind me to blog weekly… Tips!

So first tip: Turn the thermostat down in the winter to save some money!

Studies show that 1° can save you 1%

So a few degrees equal some $$

Do you program your thermostat? We can help with that.

Don’t have a programmable thermostat? Well we have some amazing technology to help with that too!

Let us know how we can be of service!

Hows your air?

CarrierAd31Years ago, we were always certain to use the word “Heating” along with “Air Conditioning” to make sure no one ever would assume that we didn’t do heating systems also.

Then we got a clever marketing idea.

Hauser Air wants to know; Hows Your Air?!

Now “air” means so much more than heating and air conditioning. We have learned about the indoor air quality in our homes and why we get sick. The EPA has an entire page dedicated with amazing facts and figures about air quality. For instance; Indoor air pollution can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution! That’s kind of scary if you suffer from asthma or allergies.

A doctor once explained allergies to me this way. He said that it’s like “filling up a bucket”. When you are around pollution and allergens the bucket fills up, eventually spilling over (sneezing, irritated eyes, runny nose, ear infections). However, If you can get to a safe, air purified place, it can help to clean out the bucket and postpone possible inevitable spillage.

Another air treatment that people think a lot about this time of year is humidity. When the heat in the house kicks on it drys out the house. The typical heated home without a humidifier can be as dry as the Sahara Desert! This is terrible news for Asthma sufferers, wood furniture and fuzzy cats.

So, hows your air?

It’s ok, we can help. We offer many air treatment solutions for all budgets!
The Carrier Infinity Air Purifier is what I have in my home and in our office. The reduction of dust is alone enough to make my wife happy. But what has really been exciting is the better health all winter long!

Call us today to talk your home’s indoor air quality.

You can’t get no…?

Out shopping for a tv yesterday I was surprised how similar in awesomeness televisions are today (are they still called that?). They all have really cool apps with wifi and amazing graphics. It seems we must be getting close to a pinnacle. So while talking to a store employee he basically said that they are all one as bad as another and just pick one.

But internally I was struggling with which one will I be 100% satisfied with?

Sounds elusive doesn’t it? We offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, and yet I think people just pass by that point when they see it on our brochures and proposals. 100% satisfaction guarantee may be the single most important we make though. It’s not a gimmick or marketing ploy. We mean it and back it up in writing with a legal document. We are so confident that you will be comfortable – not only with your Carrier heating and cooling products, but with Hauser Air, your Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer – that we back it up in writing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your Carrier equipment within one year of the installation date, we will correct the problem or remove the equipment and refund your purchase price.

That’s a huge promise. It removes the risk and calms the nerves in a big purchase like that. Ask us more about the 100% satisfaction guarantee, we don’t shy away from it we embrace it as a service to our customers.

Repairing Versus Replacing Your Old Air Conditioning Unit

When your air conditioning breaks down, the first thought that probably runs through your mind is: Will I be able to get it fixed, or will I have to purchase a new system?

It is usually less expensive to repair the unit than replace it. However, there are a few factors to consider before deciding whether to repair or replace. For example: the age of your air conditioning system. Remember that your air conditioning unit has an estimated service life of 10 to 15 years. Fixing an air conditioning unit that should otherwise be replaced, may just be a temporary solution and can cost you more money in the end.

Here are several factors to consider before making a decision:
1. The cost to repair versus the cost of purchase and installation.
2. The extent of the energy inefficiency of the old unit.
3. Some units’ repair parts may have been discontinued or are soon to be unavailable in the market.
4. The time that it will take to recover the cost difference between repairing and replacing, considering that older units use up to 50% more fuel/electricity than new high efficiency units.
5. Is another breakdown expected in the near future or is the repair going to keep the unit running for a long period of time?
6. Consider the benefits expected from the new unit; such as tax credits and/or rebates.

If you want to schedule a routine maintenance, repair or replace your air conditioning equipment; Hauser Air will provide a load calculation for your home or business to ensure that you have the proper sized unit.