Cincinnati UV Lamp Repair & Installation

Just as light from the sun acts as a natural disinfectant outdoors, UV lamps provide ultraviolet energy indoors to effectively kill contaminants and prevent regrowth in the home. UV lamps provide a host of benefits including mold and odor control, elimination of health-compromising pollutants, and enhanced HVAC efficiency.

Air purifying UV lamps are becoming increasingly popular in the heating and cooling industry. Installed within the duct work of a heating and cooling system, UV lamps neutralize and kill airborne particles as the air stream passes by the light. UV lamps can be paired with a carbon cell to provide control of odor-producing volatile organic compounds.

The use of UV lamps is also beneficial for heating and cooling evaporator coils. Since they are contained inside of a dark and wet housing, evaporator coils tend to generate mold and attract grime. Incorporating UV lamps into your HVAC system will cleanse the air after it passes over the evaporator coil, and before it re-enters the home atmosphere.

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