Heat Pump Replacement Ohio

What to Consider with Heat Pump Replacement

Trying to decide between heat pump replacement or repair can be a challenge. Although it may never seem like a good time to buy an expensive piece of equipment like a heat pump, in some cases heat pump replacement will be the most cost effective option over time.

The Hauser Air team does not just want to sell you a replacement heat pump. We want you to have confidence in us as a trusted source for the best expert advice, equipment, and service. If repair is possible and worth the investment, that’s what we will recommend. Otherwise, we will do our best to find you an affordable heat pump replacement that will meet your home comfort needs and deliver efficient performance. To make maintaining your heat pump hassle-free, we offer coupons & specials, along with Pro Service Plans to give you peace of mind.

Should I Go with Heat Pump Replacement or Repair?

The Hauser Air team understands this can be a tough call. We will do all we can to provide you with a knowledgeable and honest evaluation of your situation.

A few things to consider in deciding whether or not you need to repair or replace your heat pump:

  • How old is your heat pump? Depending on several factors, the life expectancy of a heat pump ranges from 10 – 15 years.
  • Has your heat pump has needed repairs often? If this not your first problem with the system it could be a sign that more problems will occur.
  • Is your heat pump still energy efficient? If your energy bills seem to be rising, even after considering rising utility costs and usage, your heat pump may need to be replaced.
  • How long do you plan to remain in your home? Consider that adding a high-efficiency heat pump can make your home more desirable to buyers and more likely to pass inspection.

Your factory-trained Hauser Air expert will help you consider these and other factors, and advise you on all of your options.

Carrier heat pump replacement

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Heat Pump Replacement: Customer Success Story

“We have been using Hauser Heating & Air for the past 25 years for both maintenance service and system replacement. Their service has been excellent, and their service technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful. When we needed to replace our heat pump system, Roy Hauser came to our home at our convenience and worked with us to select the correct system for our home. Other than a few minor repairs, it has been running flawlessly for over 20 years. I have recommended them to family and friends, and would recommend them to anyone considering contacting them.”

-Jay Reese, review from Google

Dependable Heat Pump Replacement in Greater Cincinnati & South Dayton

The Hauser Air team protects your home before, during, and after every visit. Our NATE-certified technicians wear shoe covers upon entering your home and keep the work area protected and clean to your satisfaction. We’re also fully licensed and insured for your protection.

With Hauser Air, you can rest assured that all of our services come complete with our worry-free Exceptional Service Guarantee. This guarantee means that you will be 100% satisfied with our services and we won’t stop working until you are.

Call Hauser Air at 513-547-5777 or contact us for a free estimate. We are known for getting it right the first time!

Financing Available

When your heat pump system requires more than just a professional repair and you need new equipment installed, the Hauser Air team always has your back. In addition to providing expert replacement and installation, we are happy to offer financing options to help make the purchasing of your new HVAC system affordable. To learn more about our financing options, visit our Financing page.

Heat Pump Replacement FAQs

    • Heat pumps are a great solution for your home comfort system because they work to provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps have SEER ratings like air conditioners and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings for measuring heating efficiency. Higher SEER and HSPF ratings mean greater energy savings.

      Heat pumps are a very efficient alternative to electric heat. A heat pump works the same as an air conditioner in the summer, but it runs in reverse in the winter to heat your home. The system will be matched with a backup heating source, most often electric heat for those extremely cold days of winter.

    • Most systems have a lifetime of 10 to 20 years. As your equipment gets older, its efficiency can decrease dramatically. You may notice that it gets noisier and needs repairs more often. When a unit begins to show its age, you have two choices. You can overhaul the system or replace it. Because heating and cooling technologies improve over time, a new system designed with newer, more energy-efficient equipment makes sense, especially if your system is 10 or more years old. We can estimate the cost of a new system as well as a payback schedule that will show you how newer technology will pay you back in lower energy usage.
    • SEER, AFUE and HSPF are all measures of energy efficiency. Air conditioners may look similar, but their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) can vary widely. Higher SEER numbers save more money spent on electricity. A 13 SEER air conditioner, the EPA “current minimum standard”, uses 23% less energy than a 10 SEER unit (EPA standard up until Jan. 2006). Even though 13 SEER is the minimum efficiency available, we currently offer a line of air conditioners that start at 13 SEER and go all the way up to a 21 SEER. Depending on your average usage, higher SEER air conditioners can significantly reduce your electric bill.

      Heat pumps have SEER ratings like air conditioners and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings for measuring heating efficiency. Higher HSPF ratings mean greater energy savings. The HSPF scale range is 7.5 to 13.0.

      Today’s new high-efficiency furnaces can save up to 50% in operating costs over a ten-year-old furnace. Many 1990 and earlier model furnaces have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 65% or less. The minimum AFUE rated furnace that can be sold in the United States today is 80%.
      Our current product offering starts at 80% AFUE and goes all the way to a very efficient 98% AFUE rating. Depending on your average usage, higher AFUE rated furnaces can significantly reduce your gas bill.

    • Yes. We offer special financing from EnerBankUSA, which has several options for financing your new product or service (with approved credit). Financing allows you to invest in your home’s comfort or respond to an unexpected heating and cooling need without breaking your budget. Find details here
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