Air Conditioners (Including Split-System Equipment)

Air conditioning is typically one of the highest portions of your electric bill during the hot summer months. If you have noticed your bills getting higher, it could be due to your air conditioning equipment getting older and not cooling your home as efficiently as it should. Hauser Air can help you reverse the trend by equipping your home with a new peak performing air conditioner.

The experts at Hauser Air understand that cost savings and energy efficiency are more important than ever these days. That’s why we are proud to install Carrier® and other brands’ air conditioners, all of which meet and exceed the minimum 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) industry standard. For enhanced performance and efficiency, we recommend digital thermostats, and can advise you on the benefits of a zoned cooling system.

Factors to consider in choosing the right home cooling system for your needs largely depends on your lifestyle and habits. To provide added home comfort, we also install home humidifiers and indoor air quality systems. It is important to speak with a factory-trained Hauser Air expert to learn about all of your cooling options.