Cincinnati Ductless System Repair & Installation

mitsubishi electric ductlessFor efficient and consistent heating throughout the home, ductless systems are a great option. They are growing in popularity due to their ease of application. They are also a great solution for an existing home that does not have ductwork.

Here is a list of common applications for ductless systems:

  • Sun room
  • Bonus room
  • Second or third floor that is not properly cooling/heating
  • Older Home without ductwork

Ductless systems provide a great solution for the problem of rooms that are always too hot or too cold depending on the time of year. They also offer an ideal way to heat or cool home additions that your current heating and cooling system may not be able to accommodate. Ductless systems are an excellent choice for creating a zoned home comfort system. For Cincinnati or South Dayton homeowners looking to replace their existing HVAC system, installing a ductless heating system can greatly enhance energy-efficiency and comfort.

How do ductless systems work?

A ductless system normally is comprised from two parts: a wall-mounted unit combined with an outdoor compressor. An indoor air handling unit is mounted on the wall of the room to be heated, and a condenser unit is installed outdoors and connected to the air handling units.

Highly versatile, ductless systems can be configured with multiple air handlers to provide independent temperature control in individual areas of a home. When each area of your home is managed by its own air handlers, you get complete control over the temperature in that room.

The Youtube video and images below, show how individual temperature control can work in your home. Imagine, every room feeling just how you like it!

mitsubishi home install

ductless house diagram

How is a ductless system installed?

Ductless systems are installed by mounting the wall-mount on the desired walls while connecting this air handler to an outdoor compressor. The upside of ductless systems is in the name; there is no ductwork required. This is a great solution for older homes that do not already have ductwork installed, bonus rooms, a sun room or even a second or third floor that does not have cooling and heating operating properly.

Why not buy one online?

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Financing Available

When your ductless system requires more than just a professional repair and you need new equipment installed, the Hauser Air team always has your back. In addition to providing expert replacement and installation, we are happy to offer financing options to help make the purchasing of your new HVAC system affordable. To learn more about our financing options, visit our Financing page.