I like clean vintage stuff. I think a lot of people do.

For Valentines day I took my bride for a walk at the antique mall. We thought it was romantic to hold hands and walk. It was warm and fun to look at old stuff.

I like reminiscing about old toys and magazines. I’m always looking for classic bicycle stuff and of course hvac stuff.

The other day I was in a customer’s house and all her furniture is 40-50 years old. It was very well maintained and though vintage, it was new looking and even “in style” again.

You know what was old and not very attractive? The furnace. Even if that old furnace or air conditioner looks good or “vintage cool” it probably isn’t worth the utility payment to keep around. I know that loud, dirty, expensive machine feels like it’s become a part of the family, but now it’s time to go!

The new hvac system from Carrier we installed, for said customer, is saving her over 50% on her utility cost. For her that was an extra $100 a month! That’s like an extra tax refund, or have a car payment, or the cable bill.

Do you know that here are gas furnaces available that are up to 98% efficient? And Air Conditioners that reach 21 SEER! And right now as a system, Carrier is offering a $1450 Cool Cash Rebate!

We do free consultations and I’d love to see your vintage furnace. Lets talk.