Repair or Replace?

It can be difficult to decide whether to repair or replace your HVAC equipment. While the age of the system is a major factor to consider, how well the system has been maintained and how up-to-date the technology is are also important considerations. Issues brought on by wear and tear should also be considered, as rust or cracks may lead to carbon monoxide or other toxins, which affect air quality.

To complicate the issue, heating and cooling equipment may share components, and heating equipment tends to outlast air conditioning systems. When only a portion of the equipment is being replaced, it is essential to consider compatibility issues.

Common reasons for repairing rather than replacing your heating and air conditioning system include:

  • The facility may be nearing the end of its use
  • The building or home may require modification before energy efficiency can be achieved
  • The purchase new equipment may not be financially permissible
  • Anticipation of new equipment technology may be worth delaying purchase

Typical reasons for choosing to replace your system are:

  • Return on investment in monthly energy bills
  • Repair costs approach the cost of a new system
  • Purchasing incentives such as tax credits or rebates
  • Better performance with new system technology
  • Desiring a system that is environmentally better

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