Cincinnati Gas Furnace Solutions

gas furnaceGas furnaces are the most widely used type of furnaces, especially in areas that experience harsh winters.

Gas furnaces use burners and a heat exchanger to convert a gas fuel, such as natural gas or liquid propane into heat. A blower is used to distribute the generated heat throughout the home.

When it comes to economy, gas furnaces offer the advantage of low fuel costs. Gas furnaces also require very little maintenance. And compared with oil furnaces, gas furnaces operate more quietly and efficiently. Gas furnaces are available in a variety of efficiencies, including high efficiency models that optimize fuel use to convert more fuel to heat.

How long do they typically last?

With a leading brand like Carrier®, you can expect high quality and reliability. The gas furnaces that we carry can typically last 10+ years if they are taken care of and used correctly. For most brands, a good place to start for your expectation is the life of their warranty. After their warranty period is over, it can depend how much you are willing to invest in replacement parts and service.

One of the most common signs of a furnace that is near the end of its life expectancy is trouble keeping your Cincinnati or South Dayton home warm, an above average amount of service calls and climbing utility bills. Give us a call today to learn about newer and more efficient systems.

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Financing Available

When your heating system requires more than just a professional repair and you need new equipment installed, the Hauser Air team always has your back. In addition to providing expert replacement and installation, we are happy to offer financing options to help make the purchasing of your new heating system affordable. To learn more about our financing options, visit our Financing page.