The Basics of Biannual HVAC Maintenance Service

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Just like your car, your HVAC system needs regular servicing to maintain its performance level. Each year, scheduling biannual system maintenance, allows you and your trusted service partner to keep tabs on your heating and cooling system in terms of age and performance, as well as evaluate any changes in your home comfort needs. This biannual heating and cooling service appointment is the perfect time to take stock of your current system and determine whether repairs, upgrades, or replacements are needed, either today or in the near future.

System Controls

A biannual HVAC service appointment will include an evaluation of your system’s controls. Your thermostat and its electrical connections to your system play an important part in the overall function of your furnace and air conditioner—problems with these components can quickly translate into an added strain on the appliances and higher heating and cooling bills. Your trusted technician will ensure your thermostat is calibrated and prompting your HVAC system accurately to activate and turn off efficiently to achieve the temperature changes you want quickly and without wasting energy.

Heating and Cooling Components

The heart of your HVAC system is its cooling and heating components, which warm or cool the air according to your thermostat’s set point. Dirty cooling coils or furnace burners aren’t as effective at cooling and heating your air, while refrigerant leaks can cause your air conditioner to fail to produce cool air at all. The added stress of functioning while dirty can lead to extensive damage that requires repair or replacement of these systems before you can enjoy the comfortable environment you want once more. During your biannual service visit, your system’s heating and cooling components will be checked and cleaned to ensure they are functioning at their highest capacity. If repairs or replacement of these parts is needed, you’ll be alerted to the issue so you can approve any actions your service technician may take.

Cleaning and Lubrication

Dirt and dust can easily accumulate inside your HVAC system, even with regular filter changes. Your service appointment will include a thorough cleaning of your heating and cooling appliances, both inside and out, to bring them back to like-new condition and improve airflow through the entire system. Any moving parts inside the appliances, such as gears and belts, will be checked and lubricated as necessary for quieter, smoother operation. Proper lubrication will also reduce wear and tear on your heating and cooling system’s interior and eliminate excess heat generation during cooling.

Performance Tips

When their job is complete, your service technician will have a brief discussion with you about their findings. They’ll help you evaluate the current performance of your system and determine whether it will continue to meet your projected needs in the future. Additionally, they’ll go over any maintenance tips you can complete between HVAC service visits, such as changing your air filter and keeping the area around your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser free of landscaping and debris. If you have any questions or concerns about your heating and cooling system, this is a great time to get personalized answers and advice so you’ll feel more confident in your ability to heat and cool your home at the lowest possible cost.

Regular HVAC service is the key to enjoying a long-lasting and efficient home heating and cooling system. You can schedule your next service visit online!